I've had a stinking cold for the last week and I've been self medicating with hot toddies (they're basically grown up lemsip...right??) So it could be due to excessive clove consumption...but I am SO in a festive frame of mind this Friday!

So here are my Festive Friday Favourites:

Christmas Jumpers!

I have a Christmas Jumper wardrobe which is frankly a little out of control. I haven't let this stop me from adding to my collection again this year though! I like my jumpers to essentially be an assault on the eyeballs, with a polyester content so high it makes being near naked flames out of the question. If you're of a similar mindset and you want to ensure you don't turn up to the Christmas party with the same jumper as Sandra from accounts then Beyond Retro do some truly awful amazing 2nd hand ones!


With the 1st of Dec looming next week, I personally feel there is no longer any excuse to not go decoration crazy. What better way to let the world know you do festive right than by hanging one of our gorgeous wreaths on your door? We will be posting a "do it yourself" festive wreath in the next few days, so keep your eyes on the blog! Below is one of my personal favourites from our shop.


I still do an advent calendar ever year (at least one...sometimes 3). You should always ensure you minimally cover the chocolate calendar base of course, but I also like to make fun ones for the office, that the team can take it in turn to open. Making your own also means you can add fun and even personalised little trinkets and gifts. Pinterest have some great ideas for making your own. This one below is from the Ginger Lilly Tea blog. It can be made easily at home - you just need a nice sturdy branch, and then you can find all the rest of the items you need right here on our shop. You can mix it up with our muslin bags and brown paper bags for each of the days and then our bakers twine is perfect to hang them from the branch. Lastly use some of our tags, tape, ribbon and maybe even baubles to add the festive finishing touches! Just check out the "Create" area of our shop to check out our crafting supplies!