Hello, it's nearly the weekend!

Winter and Christmas are creeping up on us fast! We have to admit we are desperately clinging on to Autumn. We've created this sweet little autumn wreath DIY project as a little reminder of all the things this wonderful season brings. It makes use of items easily foraged or found in the home, as well as our lovely handmade felt acorns (found here).

1. Gather together your supplies and shape your metal coat hanger into a rough wreath shape. We did this by hand and quite like its wonkiness ; )

2.Wrap your dried or fresh foliage around your wreath and secure using clear tape. Don't worry, we'll be covering the tape later!

3. Now it's time to add your autumn leaves. We used a glue gun here, but you could easily use florists wire. Just wrap around the stem, securing with florist tape and wire to the wreath. Next add your pinecones. Make sure both leaves and pinecones cover any tape from previous step.

4. Finally, add your acorn decorations. Simply wrap and tie the loops into postion - we picked out the colours that complemented our leaves best. Anndddd Voila! You have created a lovely rustic autumnal wreath! Clever you!