Halloween is fast approaching so I've put together a cute little craft project using a few simple items. We've just got these blank gift tags in stock and I thought the round ones would make great 'bodies' for some spooky spiders!!

1. Gather together your supplies, you will need: black pipe cleaners, sticky tape and your blank tags. 

2. Cut pipe cleaners in half if needed and pinch two together in the middle, sticking to the reverse of your tag.

3. Flip over and give your pipe cleaner legs a little bend. Voila! You have a creepy crawly ready to spook up your halloween decor.

I had a quick play around using autumnal leaves that Ava and I have gathered on recent walks, and some munchkins (mini pumpkins) to create a little Halloween themed table centre. Can you spot our creepy little critter in there?