I sat down to write my Friday Favourites today somewhat reluctantly. I admit it…I’ve been neglectful. This year has crept up on me and my promise for regular Friday favourites, which frankly you have all clearly been gagging for, has gone the same route as my plan for 2016 to be the year I get “beach body ready”. Nowhere.

But here I am.


With respect to my beach body I feel confident and optimistic that 2017 is going to be the year. And for Friday favourites, I can’t promise that it will be every friday, but right now I'm going to deliver.


Terrariums are like aquariums, but for plants. Not fish. I feel that should be enough to sell you on them…but if not: read on.

There are several reasons Terrariums are in my Friday Favourites:

1. They look like they require very little upkeep. As a woman clearly unable to commit to regular upkeep of her own body, I think these little beauties might be the way forward for me.

2. Terrarium & succulents seem to be hot right now. And who doesn’t like to be on trend? Louise has already gone crazy for them on our most recent shoot and “accidentally” over-ordered on the succulent front. It's resulted in Ava’s playroom becoming somewhat of a cactus gauntlet for toddlers, but she seems happy.

3. You can do a really cool workshop in London on Terrariums right here

4. We sell terrariums in our shop. And they look AWESOME.

Ava's new "toys"

Make your own Ice Pops.

Summer. is. here. No... I promise, it really is. Just look out the window at the beautiful….misty rain??

Ignoring England’s terrible effort re: summer so far. What better way to cool down and satisfy your sweet tooth craving than making your own ice pops?

Did I hear someone mutter “beach body”..I already told you: 2017 people!.

This recipe, from the wonderful Tinly Inklings blog, is so healthy it would come with a  “1 of your five a day” stickers on it if it was sold in a supermarket. 

Bolt and Keel: adventure cats!

By now you should know (err hello I’ve written at least 3 blog posts) that I love cats. And I love instagram. So all my boxes get ticked by these guys. A cute pair of adventure cats: They have a waterproof collection that rivals a well stocked North Face and they’ve climbed more mountains than Edmund Hillary (that's a lie). They are also hella cute. Follow their adventures here