October heralds the start of my favourite time of year. Not only does it bring Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, but the food….oh lord the food.

I've been dreaming of hot porridge, apple crumbles and stews since May. This enthusiasm led me to make a full Gammon roast with a side of hearty cauliflower cheese last weekend. In my mind it was the perfect antidote to the bracing autumnal weather. Unfortunately the weather didn’t quite get the memo, and instead we had a mild spring like day. Far from warming our bellies the food instead put us in a bit of a sweat. FMR* soldiered on through the meal murmuring compliments, with a short break to take off his jumper and search for some shorts. Since then I've been stalking the BBC weather site for the first sign of inclement weather.

And now...onto my  Friday Favourites for the start of Autumn

1. Copper and Felt

The last few weeks have been all about Christmas for us at Rastall and Daughters. We’ve loaded our new products on the site, many of them home made in our little studio in Lincolnshire. Make sure you check them out; you can see them all here in our Christmas 2016 Brochure.

I’m completely in love with our new Copper and Felt decoration. We designed them for the Christmas tree, but I’ve had a couple hanging up in my office now for a few weeks and they look gorgeous. (Yeah I know, I’m biased)

2. Anna Jones

I'm obsessed with Anna Jones. She has a recipe called Goodness Breakfast with Maple Pears which I have been positively foaming at the mouth to make. After last weekend's sweat fest, i'm going to show some restraint and wait for the colder weather. Here's a pic and link though so you can join me in the foaming. (It also says it serves 4-6….I reckon it will be lucky if any is left over for anyone else)

3. Online Calligraphy classes.

With Christmas coming up fast it’s time to brush off those nibs and get practicing your penmanship. There are a number of great workshops held all over the UK, but if you prefer the comfort of your own home then Creative Bug offer a set of Calligraphy online classes, with a free trial.