Last weekend I tried on wedding dresses. After stalling somewhat on the other areas of wedding planning I thought that trying on a dress would probably be something that I could excel at without too much effort. I based this assessment on the fact I’ve been wearing clothes now for 33 years. At least 10 of them without any help from mum.

So I book and paid (wtf) for the appointment. Dragging along the Mother and Sister for support and the requisite gasps of delight.

The woman assigned to me greeted me with a small shriek of delight followed by effusive congratulations on my engagement. It was slightly unsettling in that her excitement over my engagement rivalled that of some of my own family members.

I was directed to a comfy sofa and handed champagne. At this point I was starting to feel pretty upbeat about the whole wedding planning. I felt confident that i'd be ticking off one item from the blasted wedding planner by the end of the day.

Then the questions started. Like rapid machine gun fire.

The assistant perched down in front of me with an officious looking clipboard and pen.

Assistant: “So when’s the big day”

Me: inhaling a sip of champagne “oh!....well its not set yet”

Assistant:  “Ok..."  she flashes a toothy smile at me "what season are we looking at.. Just so I can get an idea of fabrics”

Me: starting to pant slightly at the realisation that this might be an exercise in more than just simple dress trying  “Probably summer…..or Winter”

Assistant: pausing for a moment “Hmm yes lovely….Any ideas on themes?”

Me: Breathing heavily through nose and gancing wildly at my Mum as if for help… “ know...something classic” I gasp out

At this point there’s an awkward pause and the assistant shoots a furtive glance at my left hand just to check it actually has a ring on it.. She writes something down on her board which I’m pretty sure roughly equates to “FML”

“Right! “ she smiles brightly “shall we just go start by looking at the actual dresses?”

 I tried on a lot in the end. Several things were obvious though by the end of the fitting:

1. I wasn’t going to pick a dress that day

2. Getting in and out of lots of dresses exposes a lot of your flesh to everyone. Hiding my tattoo from my mum had been the right thing to do. She reacted just as I suspected she would.

3. Project wedding body needs to start asap. My arms looked like little sausages hanging out of the wedding dress sleeves.

The last point led me to the realisation that I'm going to have to either subsist on a diet of dust and kale for the foreseeable future or start working out. Which leads me to the items I’m coveting this week:

A heretofore undiscovered love of lycra has flourished in the last week. My laptop consists of a hundred open tabs on activewear. To be fair though, the closest I have actually come to exercising and breaking a sweat  is lunging across the room every time it looks like FMR is going to close one of those tabs down. The lunge is usually accompanied by me squawking “no I need that one..ive almost decided im going to buy them!!”.

He's so far managed not to look to incredulous at this recent lycra lusting, despite the large disparity between number of gym outfits i'm considering buying vs actual gym outings.

Pins to Kill

These guys have some awesome jazzy legging designs. On the down side they are based in Australia, on the plus side you can use the long delivery time as an excuse not to exercise :)



This site stocks a range of activewear designers. My current favourite is this jumper by Solow - Im obsessed with the mesh. They have some sweet cutout leggings too.


Hey Holla

These gym bags by Hey Holla are super fun. The mother bought me the “drop it like a squat” version. It’s a basic tote, but I love it.


Eat Drink Paleo

I have been loosely following paleo for some time now but with project Wedbod kicking off I am trying hard to limit my naughty treat intake. The Eat Drink Paleo site has  wonderful recipes for healthier versions of  well known treats. Im a huge fan of her “ No bake chocolate caramel slice”. Her cook book is awesome too. You probably shouldnt eat the whole tray bake in one go thoug...