This Friday Favourites is coming at you with a bit of a wedding vibe. As I assume everyone who avidly follows my insta feed (thanks mum) knows...Future Mr Rastall (FMR) has decided that Im the woman for him and put a ring on it..I see the engagement as a testament to my skill and cunning; Ive managed to persuade FMR into considering me wifely material...and now I actually have to plan a wedding.

I naively assumed being ready to plan a wedding was a little like your biological clock - one day it would just go off and you'd be able to effortlessly compare fabric swatches, talk floral arrangements and simultaneously try on a wedding dress while eating a rice cracker (your meal for the day). My clock appears faulty.
The Mother and Sister bought me a "Wedding Planner" book.. Unfortunately it was disguised as a birthday present which I enthusiastically opened thinking it was a massive box of chocolates. As I tore off the wrapping paper I felt my field of vision narrow. I started to take shallow breaths. 
I opened the book randomly to a page titled "how to make the perfect seating plan" causing me to throw up a little in mouth. This was followed by a  blank pages  to create a montage of the joyful planning experience...I looked wildly around me for a paper bag to breath into.
If my first few weeks are an indication, my joyful montage would be photos of me slumped on the sofa listlessly flicking through pinterest while simultaneously facetiming my mum asking for help. 
Which brings me to pinterst..the Bride to Be's best friend (hollow laugh)- Why do so many pictures on Pinterest not tell you where you can get the thing in the actual picture?!? What is that?its like a cruel type of torture. I find a picture of a venue that doesnt look too weddingy - click on it thinking my prayers have been answered and it just directs me to a joyful blog about weddings with pithy comments like "isnt this so romantic"...yes..yes it is, now tell me where the hell I go to get that exact place and set up for my wedding god damn it! Am i supposed to use it for inspiration??! Create my OWN?!!
Fortunately my Sister and Mother (the creative forces behind Rastall and Daughters) have taken pity on me. (Quicker than I thought they would actually!) and have agreed to help style the wedding. I think they're worried if they left it to me guests would be nibbling on a shared bag of Tyrells salt and vinegar crisps and the wedding photography would be peoples Iphones.
Note to readers: If you've stumbled across this blogpost hoping it going to give you wedding ideas I can only apologise; 
This is an SOS 
My Friday Favourites are going to be the highlights of Wedmin. This may be the first and last wedding themed blogpost. It may be the first of many. It depends entirely on my mental fortitude
Wedding Venue
"The Asylum" in Southwark. FMR has said he doesnt want the derelict look for the wedding - so I wont be eating my Tyrells crisps in this venue. But I love it so thought I would share the hopes that someone else might get to use it
 The Asylum
Wedding Sationery
Now stationery......stationery I can get excited about. I LOVE Katie Leamon's designs. She has teamed up with Papieruk to design wedding stationery which you can check out here or see her own website here which is chock full of gorgeous stuff. 
Wedding Flowers
I've been a huge fan of Grace and Thorn for some time. Their bouquets are stunning; full of beautiful wild combinations of flowers and colours.  I want them bad for my wedding.
Grace and Thorn
Food Porn

I made the questionable decision of starting the year on the whole30 diet. When Im supposed to be looking at wedding dressses I often find myself instead looking at food porn. Which is how I came across Mae + Harveys instagram page. The food menu includes home made banana bread with creme fraich and orange compote, waffles with vanilla cream and nutella and if thats not enough the coffee looks sublime. Nothing excites me more than finding new good coffee in London. First week of February you will find me sampling the menu...In fact I may insist on holding all future wedding meetings there :)