What Should I Buy on Black Friday: Finding the Best Deals

Black Friday is a highly anticipated shopping event in the United States, with millions of Americans eagerly seeking out the best deals both in stores and online. This annual shopping craze offers the opportunity to snag merchandise at deep discounts, making it an appealing time for consumers to make their purchases. However, not all Black Friday deals are created equal, and it’s important to know ‘What should I buy on on Black Friday?’ to truly maximize your savings.

Understanding Black Friday Deals

Before diving into the best deals to look out for on Black Friday, it’s important to understand the nature of these discounts. While Black Friday is often associated with the lowest prices of the year, it’s not always the case. According to a survey conducted by WalletHub, 27% of items will offer no savings compared to their pre-Black Friday prices this year. This means that not all deals are worth the hype, and consumers need to be discerning in their purchasing decisions.

what should i buy on black friday

To separate myth from fact, WalletHub conducted a comprehensive analysis of pre- and actual Black Friday prices for a wide range of items. By comparing the price difference of each item, they were able to identify the offers that truly provide significant savings. By taking a closer look at their findings, we can gain valuable insights into what to buy on Black Friday.

What Should I Buy on Black Friday: Best Deals Overall

When it comes to finding the best deals on Black Friday, it’s essential to know which items offer the most significant discounts. WalletHub’s research team collected advertised prices for various products between October 18 and November 15, considering the lowest price as the “Pre-Black Friday Price.” By comparing these prices with the Black Friday prices, they were able to determine which items provide the most value for shoppers.

Here are some categories of items that consistently offer great deals on Black Friday:

Electronics and Technology

Black Friday is known for offering substantial discounts on electronics and technology products. From TVs and laptops to smartphones and gaming consoles, you can expect to find significant savings on these items. Retailers often use Black Friday as an opportunity to clear out older models and make way for new releases, which means you can find excellent deals on last year’s technology.

what should i buy on black friday

Home Appliances

If you’re in need of new home appliances, Black Friday is an ideal time to make your purchase. From refrigerators and washing machines to vacuum cleaners and microwaves, you can find substantial discounts on a wide range of appliances. Retailers often offer special promotions and bundle deals during this time, allowing you to save even more.

what should i buy on black friday

Fashion and Apparel

Black Friday is not just about electronics and appliances; it’s also a great time to update your wardrobe. Many clothing retailers offer significant discounts on Black Friday, making it an opportune time to stock up on fashion essentials. Whether you’re looking for winter coats, boots, or holiday party outfits, you can find great deals on a variety of clothing and accessories.

what should i buy on black friday

Beauty and Personal Care

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, Black Friday is the perfect time to indulge in some self-care. Many beauty and personal care brands offer generous discounts on their products during this period. Whether you’re looking for skincare sets, makeup palettes, or haircare products, you can find great deals that will help you save on your favorite beauty essentials.

what should i buy on black friday

Home Decor and Furniture

Black Friday is an excellent time to spruce up your living space with new home decor and furniture. Many retailers offer significant discounts on items such as sofas, coffee tables, rugs, and wall art. Whether you’re looking to update a specific room or revamp your entire home, you can find great deals on Black Friday.

what should i buy on black friday

It’s important to note that the best deals may vary from year to year and depend on individual retailers. However, these categories consistently offer great discounts on Black Friday, making them worth considering when planning your shopping strategy.

Best & Worst Product Categories

To further understand the deals available on Black Friday, let’s take a closer look at the best and worst product categories based on WalletHub’s analysis. The percentages calculated below are based on items that matched offers posted on Amazon.com before Black Friday.

Best Product Categories

  1. Electronics and Technology: 35%
  2. Home Appliances: 33%
  3. Fashion and Apparel: 27%
  4. Beauty and Personal Care: 22%
  5. Home Decor and Furniture: 20%

what should i buy on black friday

Worst Product Categories

  1. Toys: 8%
  2. Jewelry: 9%
  3. Books, Movies, and Music: 12%
  4. Sporting Goods: 15%
  5. Automotive Parts and Accessories: 16%

These percentages indicate the proportion of items within each category that offered better deals compared to their prices on Amazon.com. It’s clear that electronics, home appliances, fashion, beauty, and home decor consistently provide the best discounts on Black Friday. On the other hand, categories such as toys, jewelry, books, sporting goods, and automotive parts and accessories have fewer significant deals.


Black Friday offers the opportunity to find great deals on a wide range of products. By understanding the best deals overall, the best and worst product categories, the share of good deals by retailer, and the top deals offered by each retailer, you can make informed decisions and maximize your savings. Additionally, the insights provided by experts can help you navigate the Black Friday shopping frenzy and identify the deals that are truly worth your time and effort. Remember to plan ahead, compare prices, and consider your own needs and preferences when determining what to buy on Black Friday. Happy shopping!

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