Why Thanksgiving Shouldn’t Be Celebrated?

While Thanksgiving is widely celebrated as a time of gratitude and togetherness, there are those who choose not to partake in the festivities. In this exploration, we delve into the reasons why Thanksgiving shouldn’t be celebrated and the alternative perspectives surrounding this traditional holiday.

Cultural Sensitivity

For some, Thanksgiving represents a history of colonization and the adverse impact it had on Indigenous communities. Choosing not to celebrate is a way to acknowledge and respect the complex history and the perspectives of those who view the holiday through a different lens.

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Alternative Perspectives

Critics argue that the traditional narrative surrounding Thanksgiving often overlooks the harsh realities faced by Native Americans. Some individuals prefer to explore alternative perspectives on this day, fostering a deeper understanding of historical events and their implications.

Acknowledging Gratitude Differently

Critics of Thanksgiving often suggest that gratitude should be a daily practice rather than confined to a single holiday. Choosing not to celebrate Thanksgiving becomes a way to emphasize the importance of expressing gratitude regularly, rather than relegating it to an annual event.

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Environmental and Ethical Concerns

Some individuals abstain from Thanksgiving celebrations due to concerns about the environmental impact and ethical issues surrounding food production and consumption during the holiday. This choice aligns with a commitment to sustainable and conscious living.

Focusing on Acts of Kindness

Critics of Thanksgiving argue that the emphasis on material abundance during the holiday detracts from the importance of kindness, compassion, and charitable acts. Choosing not to celebrate allows individuals to redirect their efforts towards meaningful actions that contribute positively to society.

A Day-of Thanksgiving Timeline


While Thanksgiving is a cherished tradition for many, it’s essential to acknowledge and respect the diverse perspectives surrounding this holiday. Choosing not to celebrate Thanksgiving can stem from a variety of reasons, including cultural sensitivity, alternative viewpoints, and a commitment to values such as environmental consciousness and ethical living. As we navigate discussions about this traditional holiday, understanding different perspectives fosters a more inclusive and empathetic approach to the complex history and meanings associated with Thanksgiving.

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